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TaaS stands for Testing as a Service. A complete testing cycle may include end-to-end support and technology capabilities used in planning and conducting software testing.

In short, Testing as a Service is an outsourcing model. Testing is done by a service provider whose expertise is to create a real-world testing situation and find bugs in a software product. TaaS capabilities are accessed across a Web interface.


Types of Taas

Functional Testing

Include UI/GUI Testing, Sanity, Regression, Integration, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Performance Testing (Load / Stress Testing)

Multiple users are accessing the application at the same time. TaaS mimic a real-world users environment by creating virtual users and performing the load and stress test.

Security Testing

Scans the applications and websites for any vulnerability with help of tools

Compatibility testing

Examines the compatibility of the application and the product with different computing environments. It tests the usability, reliability, and performance of the application and the product.

Mobile Responsive Testing

Responsive or friendly web design is fundamentally related to websites. An approach followed in website development is to give the users a decent viewing experience on whatever device they are viewing.

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Do you need TaaS?

Do you have the comfort of testing your product on real customers? Can you execute manual QA testing or real user monitoring every week? Can you afford the number of hours such Manual QA consumes?

If the answer is no then, Yes! You need TaaS!

TaaS is useful when

  • Testing applications that require extensive automation but short test execution cycle.
  • Your software quality expectations are high and evolving at rapid pace.
  • Performing a testing task that doesn't ask for in-depth knowledge of the design or the system
  • Industry standards are stringent on software quality.
  • For impromptu testing activities that require extensive resources.
  • The need to release high quality products through fast release cycles is imperative
  • IT operations are as complex as the technology itself and the demand for automated process is high.

Key Features of TaaS


  • Test Environment
  • Test Assets
  • Test Data
  • Test Tools
  • Test Documentation
  • Business Domain Knowledge


  • Dynamic
  • Dynamically Sanitized
  • On Demand
  • Dynamically generated
  • Extracted Dynamically

Key Benefits of TaaS

SNS Technologies offer testing solutions based on your business requirements. You can’t overlook the benefits that TaaS offers,

  • Saves time and cost
  • Increases Customer trust
  • Provides Confidence and Security
  • Centralised servers with highly standardised test environments and test suites
  • Flexibility as per client needs
  • No Maintenance or burden of remote teams

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