Technology isn't a tool,
it's an instrument

- Dieter Bohn

Technology is an instrument, and you are an artist performing a masterpiece by building your enterprise with it. With technologies becoming more & more efficient businesses need to upgrade to the newest versions rather than be stuck with a traditional system. Yesterday’s tech in today’s business is like using pigeon messenger when you can WhatsApp!

Organizations have to expand their IT infrastructure management, including networks, cloud computing, IT, security, server, data, application, and others. A well-organized IT infrastructure will ensure information flow, maintain standards, manage work force and reduce costs.


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The Benefits of an effective IMS

An untended archaic infrastructure could be a nightmare
for the end user. Managing & Monitoring your IT
infrastructure could prevent and control unexpected downtimes
and also alert users in advance if there is any maintenance work scheduled.

Organisations with effective IT infrastructure management
can minimise the occurrence of a technological crash or
disaster and can also limit the damage in case a crisis occurs.

Good Infrastructure management can help recover information
in case of data loss or corruption of data by creating timely back-ups,
enabling end users to access information and work without facing a glitch.

Data losses, lengthy downtimes and indefinite crashes
are few examples of poor IT infrastructure management.
But that’s not all, this also comes with enormous cost monetarily
and business-wise. Having expert
infrastructure management can mitigate these losses.

Creating the future!

There is an enduring revolutionary transformation that is changing commerce & engineering. From a brick-and-mortar model to the virtualisation of business, it has been quite an overhaul. SearchnScore Solutions ensures you have the right technology infrastructure & resources to effectively and efficiently manage this significant change. Our expertise in managing hybrid IT infrastructures & application services enables you to deliver quality experience to multiple users.

& Customer


of Technology
& Management
of Data


Our Services – Reinvent the way you do business

Augment database for an always-on, secure, and uninterrupted operations

  • Database Consulting Services
  • Consolidation
  • High availability architecture
  • Implementation & Upgrades
  • Performance Optimization
  • Database Security management

Servers are the heart of your business
technology infrastructure. Each time your server stops,
your business stops. With SearchnScore Solutions handling
your IT infrastructure, you are secure. We assure:

  • Affordable IT Costs
  • Certified Technology Experts
  • Up to 0 % reduction in system downtime and outages

Fast-track your cloud migration

  • Public cloud hosting services
  • Enterprise cloud migration
  • Cloud-based contact centre implementation
  • Cloud Operations and Management.
Experience public cloud services & capabilities on-site to achieve private cloud advantage and seamlessly manage multi-cloud environments
  • Azure Stack Hub
  • AWS Outposts

Data backup and information Integrity is vital to modern day businesses.

  • Business Continuity planning – We analyse, strategize & implement the right backup process and ensure hardware & automation that can withstand any breakdown.
  • Data back-up, Recovery & Restoration - Centralized database architecture design and automation of full, in part, differential, and continuous backup to cloud, on-premise, hybrid and off-site infrastructure for large-scale data migrations. data restoration on-demand via system restoration, versioning, instant recovery, rollback, sync share, ensuring data integrity with no downtime.
  • Security & Compliance - Protection from hacks & breaches in compliance with industry standards & regulations

Unleash future

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