When you Email it it's marketing.
When they Click it its engagement.

An email sent to a potential or current customer is email marketing. Using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales is email marketing.

The primary purpose of this engagement is to achieve one or more of three key objectives, to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.Every day when we open our mailbox, we are flooded with automated email newsletters and promotions. In all the hundred emails we sift through & delete, one or two catches our attention and we open them. The reason largely lies in how well the email was designed and crafted to get your attention.


Reach, Engage
and Convert - Email
Marketing Services


The average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent - Constant Contact

If you are looking to increase sales & revenue for your business, Email marketing should be on top of your internet-based business strategy. The simple fact that it’s highly cost-effective and has the most reach is reason enough. Here are a few more reasons


Did You Know?

Thursday is the best day to send emails, with the highest open
(18.9%) and click-through rates (2.7%).

Well thats why you need expertise to run an efective email
campaign. SNS Technologies are professionals in automated email
campaign. We design & create effective email campaigns, bulk
emails, newsletters and mass email – with & without the coding.

Market Better,
Smarter and Faster


The SNS Technologies Email Marketing Services

Plan & identify the Campaign goals

Different email campaigns can have different goals. We understand your purpose, be it to promote a new product, or keep your clientele engaged. We create a template that suits the need.

Creative & visually engaging emails

Our creative experts will help you design aesthetically appealing emails based on your brand, products & purpose. We have various templates that you can drag & drop if you choose to use our email builder.

Strike the Right Chord

We write the perfect subject lines that can grab the attention. We optimise your content by personalising it, striking imagery & attractive layouts.

Deliver better experiences

We will tailor content based on behaviour & interactions to create higher engagement.

Build a targeted approach

Rather than do a post-it-to-all, we take a segmented line based on purchase history, gender, geography etc.

Track & Analyse

We give you periodic reports where you can actually track progress and change what’s not working for you.